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by Janusz
(St Albans )


I`m thinking to purchase Catering Van and register in my local Council but my idea is to trade during any football games, events, concerts in London and i will be transferring van and trade every time in deferent places therefore it`s impossible to ask every council for permission to trade for few hours.

It would be too much hassle and make no sense. Am I allowed just to turn up nearby event find space which would block anybody and to trade it for few hours and go home? Thank you for answering my question

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Apr 30, 2012
Don't do it
by: Anonymous

Finding a mobile catering pitch is hard work, many councils won't allow you to trade anywhere in their boundaries so finding a pitch is not easy. I started my business in Nov 2011 and to date with buying a new unit, towing vehicle, insurances, equipment, good quality food etc I have spend nearly £30,000. REALLY.
What do I make a day ..... £50.00 to £60.00. This is my 3rd pitch, it's private land as the council forbids street or layby trading, I pay £175.00 per month rent. Think of these things before you part with your money, it is not the goldmine that everyone thinks it is.

Feb 19, 2012
Turn Up and Selling From Your Catering Van
by: David

Hello There,

You are allowed to trade in other areas besides the one you are registered in, but unfortunately you are not allowed to just turn up near an event and start trading.

The thing with just turning up to an event is that there is already caterers who have probably paid a fee to attend the event and as you can imagine they would not be best pleased to see you there selling to their potential customers.

I think this method would also be a bit hit and miss because it would mean you preparing food, drinks etc with the added uncertainty of not getting to sell your food. Also bear in mind, that depending on the event organiser o local council you could face receiving a potential penalty notice or fine for illegal trading.

I know it is a hassle and a lot of messing around but do try and secure yourself some pitches at up-and-coming local events where you can make some money with peace of mind, instead of having to look over your shoulder when trading.
Best of luck,

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