Mobile Catering Trailer or Catering Burger Van?

by Jane

Hi David,

I was wondering if you can help me. I'm not sure whether to buy either mobile burger van or a burger trailer.

I think you mentioned somewhere that events tend to shy away from burger vans? because of fumes? I was more in favour of getting a trailer....but I was wondering, (as regards to legislations in pitching up in a lay-by) is it more flexible around the law to pull into a lay-by and trade for a while using a van....rather than pitch up with a trailer?

As the chances of getting a spot in a lay-by are very slim because of council there any way of working around this?....I hope I make sense and thank you for the advice so far, it's much appreciated.

Best regards, Jane

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Catering Trailer or Catering Van
by: David

Hi Jane,

It seems more places will favour a catering trailer over a van because of the engine, LPG combination which sounds like an excuse to me. I was turned down from a few events because of this combination.

Which did not make sense to me as my catering truck was also diesel and not petrol
With regards to your question, legislations in pitching up in a lay-by there is no real advantage or flexibility in having a catering van to trade on a lay-by.

It still comes down to getting permission from either the highways agency or council.

A catering van is obviously a lot easier to drive away and park in smaller spaces but this is then offset by the yearly MOT, road tax and wear and tear cost (no road tax or mot on catering trailer) You could beforehand call up a few event organisers and ask them - what is there food vehicle preference to make sure.

Hope this helps


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