Mobile Catering - Should I Buy a Catering Van New or Second Hand?

Hi I have been reading your story about how you started up in the mobile catering business. I am 27 and looking at starting my own small business with a mobile catering van.

I have looked a buying some vans and would like to know if I should by second hand or brand new one.

I am currently working as a sales rep and want to be able to get the rewards through the hard work and to offer a great customer service that they will always come back.

I know things take time but I do want to be able to grow the business to maybe having a few different vans. I want to look back just as you did and say that this was defiantly a risk worth taken. I am really determined to do this and to make this work. I look forward to hear from you.

Thanks in advance.


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It could be worth it
by: long time burger lad

Hi iv`e been in the moblie catering 18 years.The best advise i can give any one, who is thinking of starting up.

Is first go and work for someone if you have never tried working in the fast food industry. Its hard work and can be long hrs, costs are high and every thing in catering is very expensive to buy ...

Good luck S.Grant

should i buy a catering van new or second hand
by: Dawnte

HI james just read your comment, and like you my husband and i are going into the mobile catering business for the first time, we have done a lot of home work and found this web site very useful, and we are going to buy a second hand catering van to start off and if all well in the future will buy a new one, all the best with yours.


Buying a Mobile Catering Van
by: David

Hi James,

If you can find a second hand catering van this will be a cheaper option for you to get started and just as good as a brand new one.

Also bear in mind that some pitches will not accept a catering van because of the combination of gas, engine and diesel mix. This happened to me on a few occasions and in the end I also purchased a catering trailer.

Do your home work James before you commit to anything. Find and secure a pitch first and then buy your catering van or trailer. Don’t forget you also have the option of renting a trailer or van to try the business out.

If you can take the time to plan a little - it will make you a smarter person than me when I first started.

Best of luck


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