Mobile Catering - Possible Problems With Council

by Nikee

Question 1..

If I found a mobile caterng pitch on industrial estate (that is not obstructing anything)and there is no mobile catering van on site.What grounds if any could the council refuse my application and

Question 2..If refused what permission do i need from the council to trade on a private car park in the industrial estate.

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May 29, 2011
trading on a car park
by: Anonymous

if the car park is a controlled zone/carpark the under your street traders license subcatagory retail and wholesale if your premises is located in or on a controlled parking zone then you will need to refine your license to suit these conditions. if you want advertising boards/table and chairs then you will need a pavement license.

you may also be required to obtain a parking permit from the local autority.

Jan 26, 2011
Mobile Catering Pitch Problems
by: David

Hi Nikee,

With regards to question 1

If the council did not want you to trade on a catering pitch for some reason. It could be down to a whole range of reasons that only they would know.

So on this occasion I can?t be of much help, nothing obvious comes to mind; normally the council want/need mobile caterers on site.

Question 2-

If you were to trade from a private care park on the industrial estate you would not need permission from the council only the owner of the car park to trade.

Hope this helps


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