Mobile Catering Pitch Second Pitch Availalbe

by Paul Chapman


I have just started my own catering trailer in Wiltshire. At the moment we are on an Industrial Estate things are slowly picking up.

But there is a good lay-by near and would be more profitable I’m sure. W.C.C. wants £1500 for us to park there. But I am a little scared of this because if it doesn’t work out I’m well out of pocket. The money is for the year. Can we do this on a shorter time limit thanks

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Feb 04, 2014
by: paul

Hi joe
Just a quick line do you have your own
Catering trailer. We have our own with
4x4 to tow.
I am very interested to talk about this
As we are strugling on ind est.
We have invested to much time and money
To give in now.
What part of wiltshire are you looking at.
Please e_mail me at

Feb 04, 2014
Layby in Wiltshire
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm just setting up inWiltshire and would love. An opportunity to partner to absorb some of the cost. I am also a little scared that I may loose 1500 pounds...if you want to discuss further my skype name is joedcappo...drop me an line and we can discuss



Jan 18, 2014
Second Catering Pitch
by: David

Hi Paul,

I know that most Industrial Estates usually are less busy on the weekend with some even being empty, so why not consider trading at the Lay-by during the weekends and see if it has the potential to earn more during the week.

It could of course be busier on the week days and less busy on the weekend but by doing this it may give you a clearer picture.

Either way, your next dilemma will be do you want to pay the £1500 to find out? The only other way is to rent another food vehicle and find out if you can establish a second profitable pitch.

This of course would mean more expense, and then finding someone trustworthy or maybe taking on a partner so that you co-own the second business together.

This will give you the chance to split any cost and make it more viable for you. Either way you’ll have to weigh up all your options and find out if you really want to go down this path, or just focus on building the business you do have.

Best of Luck

PS. Get my free guide on Starting a Mobile Catering Business Guide

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