Mobile Catering Pitch Low Sales

by Karel
(Southborough Kent)

Hello, I have a problem found good catering pitch. We do trading for almost a one year at A21 in Kent. The problem is there is one Burger Van before us in picnic area and bin there for many years.

We do have some business but it doesn’t make enough money to be worth staying there. We don't sell the junk stuff, all the food we buy is top quality and the Van is clean as new.

When people stop they love our food but still sales are poor every day. We are both professional cooks with experience of world culinary specialities and of running own business for years.

All the food we do is the world famous hot and cold sandwiches include Philly cheese and Chorizo sandwich. Burgers we sale are 100% beef burgers and sausages 98%.

It is very sad we could found any good pitch because we are worth it. If anyone can help we are very pleased. We are originally from Czech rep, so please excuse me for the mistakes.

Karel & Jana

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Mar 14, 2014
Lots of things!
by: Annette from Food in the Hood

Do you make your own burgers? Are you marketing the business? Who are the customers who buy from the other van? Could you do better coffee? What could you offer that would make people come back? Are you beating your competition on price, quality and service? Are you a business who supports other local businesses by buying local? will you give back something if you do make a decent living for yourself? If you did, would you contact the media and tell them how you are doing things differently?

Don't think you just have a burger van. You have a business with a lot of potential. I'd suggest finding money for marketing (tho you can do loads without money) but make sure you have the best product out there!

Mar 05, 2014
The best company to rent a New Mobile Trailer.
by: Luis and Tanya


My wife and I are starting our old dream, begin in the Catering business. Starting with the most "economic" solution and it's more dynamic. A Mobile Catering Trailer (14 ft or 16 ft).
We were born in Portugal and have strong knowledge of Portuguese, Italian and Spanish cuisine. For this reason, we want to make a stand in the market through differentiation and not be one more of the same.

We are however starting to think of hiring a Mobile Trailer (14 ft to 16 ft), After we know how things will run into financial terms, and if all goes well the first 6 months, we will proceed to buying of our first Mobile Trailer.

We could not find a credible company and which offers us good conditions for hiring a Mobile Trailer (14 ft to 16 ft) and preferably equipped with LONG TERM RENTAL (Maybe with the possibility to buy after 1, 2 or 3 years).

Can you please help us and inform us of some credible companies in the market for us to get a good hire agreement of a Mobile Trailer and preferably new or like-new?

We are thinking of starting our business in Edinburgh and Livingston, but we can hire the Mobile Trailer up to a distance of 200 miles from Edinburgh.

Thanks for your help.

Luis & Tanya

Feb 19, 2014
Low Pitch Sales
by: David

Hello Karel and Jana,

Your business sounds great; sorry to hear about the poor sales which are not ideal. However, I think at this stage you can have a few options:

1. The most obvious choice is to think about looking for a better pitch; it probably wasn’t a good idea to start your business within close proximity of another established pitch - put it down to experience and move on

2. Ask the other burger van owner to sell the pitch

3. Change your menu completely so that it does not clash with the other burger van. So for instance you could offer coffees, hot donuts, ice-cream, pan cakes etc. Make its offering different so that you don’t have any competition.

4. If it’s an option, work during the weekends at other pitches, events, shows etc to boost sales

These are just a few suggestions, but there is no easy answer. I can only add that after 1 year of trading you should have a good idea of the potential of your pitch.

The only good thing is that you can move onto another site and are not tied down by any lease. Keep going until you find a better location where more people can enjoy the high quality food that you offer.

Let us know how you get on
Best of luck,

PS. Get my free guide on Starting a Mobile Catering Business Guide

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