Mobile Catering - Park up at the A1 somewhere ? Wait for Police to Arrest Me

by Seb

Hello there mate, it’s a really nice story, and I’ve been looking into this for a few days now. I’ve moved up from London and staying in the north east where work is harder and I’ve heard that you can make a reasonable living with the burger van.

I really don't mind spending the cash to buy a nice van, maybe about £5.000.

However I don't know what to do or where to start. Do I just turn up at a B&Q and wait till they kick me off, or park up at the A1 somewhere and wait for police to arrest me.

I understand all about the certificate, but it’s the pitch thing I don’t understand.

If I find a nice spot drive around say 2-3 mile radius and see that no one else is trading. Say I start trading would I get fined or would the police get involved.

I mean if you can stop anywhere you like and trade why can’t people just park up near or pretty much at town centres where you would probably serve hundreds of customers.

I’ve asked this question to other burger van people all they say is you can’t stop there.

Because it’s too close to a built up place, anyhow i hope you can shed some light on to this for me thank you very much.

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Nov 22, 2008
Also Look in the Local Business Papers for Mobile Catering Sites"Loot"
by: Anonymous

First thing I would say is don't worry about the police arresting you for trading unless you plan on trading on a busy dual carriage way, or somewhere dangerous. As for B&Q they will charge you a lot money to trade on their land, and their normally their sites are all taken.

Finding a pitch will be difficult, but not impossible try industrial estates, fetes, car boots or find private land and get permission from the landlord. Also look in the local business papers, eBay and other business publications that sell small businesses and you may just find someone who is looking to sell their mobile catering business.

If you're lucky you can pick up a complete business for between £5000-£10.000 pounds which normally includes a catering trailer and pitch. Don't rely on asking other people too much, try and find out for yourself. If you find a pitch in a good location but not sure- get in touch with your local environmental health officer and ask them about using it to trade and see if they can help you.

Hope this will help you out, let me know how it all goes



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