Mobile Catering on Prison Land

by mr k moore

hi i have been giving permission from the governor of our local prison.To set up my catering van three days a week to serve staff and visitors

Do i need a trading license as its private land?
I have registered with the local council do i need to tell them where I'm working so i can be inspected?

I also have full liability insurance and hygiene cert level 2

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Feb 24, 2009
Prison Food
by: Anonymous

Why have you only gone for 3 days at the prison?

Jan 24, 2009
Great News For You
by: Anonymous

That?s great news for you congratulations!

With regards to your questions- as far as I am aware you will not need any sort of license to trade on private land. But to make sure ask your local council as it varies from city to city.

You will also have to register with your local environmental health officer as you intend to sell food to members of the public.

They will call on you at your work location and make sure that you are trading within the guidelines of the law.

They will inspect your fridges check operating temperatures and see how you store your food amongst other things.

This is just standard procedure and most of these requirements are what you would have covered in your food and hygiene course.

Apart from a few things it seems that you have nearly everything in place.

Wishing you the best of luck-all you have to do now is to knock em dead with your gorgeous food and a friendly smile.


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