Mobile Catering Generator Question & Banning Trailers From....

by mike

Hi David

I have written before and thanks for answering.

Was talking to a guy who has an established unit, unfortunately he is trading on the same estate as I will be, anyway the question I would like to ask is this.

I have a generator which kicks out 5000 watts, he reckons it won't be powerful enough, I have on my trailer a fridge freezer, drinks display, small freezer, lights and electric till, is he just trying to put me off?

He also says that the council will be banning trailers from laybyes etc within the next two years.

As cut backs mean they won't be able to moniter all vans as regards hygiene etc, I live in the South Wales area.

Again you run a great site and I'm sure you help many people, keep up the good work.

Regards Mike

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Jan 27, 2011
Catering Trailer Ban?
by: David

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your comments.

With regards to your questions on your generator try using this Generator Calculator

You will need to fill in details for each appliance to work out if your generator has enough grunt to run your appliances.

If you still having problem give the guys on the website a call as they seem to be a helpful bunch.

Now your question about the council banning mobile catering trailers from lay-by because of financial cut backs.

Because there won't be enough environmental health officers to visit every food business, may be an exaggeration.

The best way to clarify this quickly is to hear it from the horse's mouth by calling the council and confirming this information. If it works out to be true then your one up and can act accordingly.

I'm not sure how many catering van/trailers are present in South Wales, but I wouldn't have thought it's was that many to make a difference.

I would have thought that the council have an obligation to help the economy by assisting small businesses not by closing them down.

Does this means they will be asking other takeaway food businesses to close. Simply because they don?t have enough environmental health officers to frequently inspect restaurants?

I would call and confirm this with your council, and do let us know the outcome.

Kind Regards


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