Mobile Catering Events - Securing a Catering Pitch

by Howard

Thank you for your emails regarding mobile catering. It really does appeal to me but my real concern and it is a big obstacle to me at the moment is securing pitches at events.

I've heard many times that some events are 'closed shop' and are very difficult to get into unless you now the right people etc.

What is the true situation? How do you honestly get into catering events?

Kind regards


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Jan 25, 2014
by: David

Hi Courtney,

This simply means the number of people who are likely to be present at the event. The event organiser should have details from previous years to be able to tell you how many people will be present.

There is always the chance of bad weather cancelling an event so also make sure to check with the organiser to find out your options.

Jan 25, 2014
Catering at events
by: Courtney Stokes

Hi David
Sorry for asking and probably seeming a bit daft but what does footfall mean you mentioned it in your answer to catering at events
Many thanks

May 09, 2012
Set Your Own Prices and Add Value
by: David

Hello There,

Of course you will be able to set your own prices for the same food. You also want to offer something different from your competition, if you can't directly compete on prices which you won't know until the day of trading.

Think about things like presentation and a friendly service. What extra things could you add to your service that won't cost the earth and eat into your profits that will set you apart from the competition?

It could be that you charge more for your
burgers but include a free tea or something similar.

Best of luck

May 06, 2012
Questions to ask
by: Anonymous

Hi David,

I have just been reading your message,
events around the country and also reading your
advice on what you need to know before
committing yourself to an event, it certainly is
good advice and i will be bearing it in mind for
future reference.

However i have been thinking what about the price of food you are selling, is each unit allowed to sell at their own prices? Obviously i am talking about units selling the same food.

Jan 16, 2011
Getting Into Festival and Events
by: David

Hi Howard,

Have you tried looking at the www.eventsbookguide which list events from all around the country? Some event organisers may tend to use the same caterers year in and year out because they are happy with their services. However saying that, there are still plenty of events held all around the country which you could apply for and get a pitch.
Pitch prices will vary so make sure to do your homework before you commit. Try and find out as much information as possible including the following:

• How many other caterers will be present
• What types of food will they be selling
• Where will your food trailer be placed
• Expected footfall for the event.
• Previous year’s footfall – to give you an idea of potential profit.

Also be aware of unscrupulous event organisers who may over scribe the venue with too many mobile caterers. Thus making it hard for you to make your initial investment back and to also make a decent profit.

Hope this helps you a little

Best of luck


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