Mobile Catering Earnings

by Tim

Hi David

Thanks for all the advice you have been giving me.

I am currently working in programme management in the City but I am very keen to get out of doing this and find some more rewarding plus working for myself.

I am earning to a good wage and I also have a wife and 4 kids to support so whatever I do I need to be as sure that I will be able to continue to support them.

I have read a lot of what you have written but when people have asked you what the potential turnover is you indicate that after time a van in the correct place will earn 400-600 per week.

This does not seem to be a great deal after taking off all the expenses.

I would like to know what you believe would be good day's takings if the van was parked in busy office environment.

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Feb 15, 2011
Catering Pitch Earnings
by: David

Hi Tim,

Earnings can vary greatly depending on the site which you are working on. On some busy pitches I have earned as much as £700 per day, whilst the more moderate pitch has earned me 4-600 per week. This did not include working weekends, which is something I was unable to do.

I didn?t want to paint a picture to everyone that they would earn 700 per day from a pitch if they started mobile catering.

Indeed some of the mobile catering units parked on B&Q stores were earning £3k per week, but they made the majority of their money on Sat and Sunday.

If this is something you really want to pursue, especially with a family then launching a new business will prove very challenging, since you already have a good income coming in to your household.

Your best bet may be to invest in a pitch that?s already making money. Or try it out on the weekends to see how it goes, and if it?s really for you.

Finally if you can find a good pitch in the right location then making a good income (£1000+ pw) is very achievable goal.

Best of luck

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