Mobile Catering During The Winter Months - Does It Effect Earnings

by kelly

I am interested to know how you manage in the winter months and how the weather affects your takings.

What do you find to be the most difficult part of entering this kind of business? What kind of rates are you charged for working on sites or private land and such?

I can honestly say my goal is to follow in the same steps as yourself and to hopefully be where you are now.

I was so happy to come across your story of setting has really excited and inspired me. I have made contact with the Princes trust to hopefully gain some more help and advice.

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May 27, 2011
Mobile Catering During Winter
by: David

Hi Kelly,

The winter months for me provides the best income for this kind of business, as people tend to eat more hot foods and drinks during the cold winter months.

I would say that during the summer months I tend to sell less hot food and more salad, rolls, sandwiches and cold drinks.

So there is some menu planning involved to accommodate the customer’s different eating habits during the year.

The most difficult parts of entering into this kind of business is to find a long-term, profitable pitch to trade from.

Just like a shop in a traditional business, you want to establish your business in the best location possible.

The normal rates that you would have to pay are normally land rent for the pitch you trade on. This can vary greatly from free to 100s or even 1000s of pounds a month.

Again it all depends on where you set up, your location e.g. busy market and how much the landlord wants to charge you.

I hope this helps you to move forward.

Best of luck always.


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