Mobile Catering Do I Need LPG Gas?

by Sam
(Kenilworth, Coventry)

My partner and I have decided to take the plunge and recently purchased a small catering trailer. We did a fair bit of research and the one we purchased seemed to match all the criteria. The previous owners have done a great job of refitting the trailer and bringing it up to a good standard.

One concern we have at the moment is that it only has electrical power, therefore no gas. Our plan initially is to only trade at local events as a part time business while we get to grips with everything. My concern is that a lack of gas may hinder us and would like to know whether it is vital at this stage?

Could anyone shed any light on experience of only using electricity and whether I can put off fitting gas and the further costs involved?

Many thanks for you time.

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Nov 04, 2014
by: Shelley

Hi in my experience depending on what electrical stuff you have you can get away with using a generator but some electrical appliances are very powerful and you will need a very powerful generator . I use gas and electric and I find I do use slot of petrol in my generator to run my appliances and I only run my chiller bain marie and fridge off it . My hot water griddle and fryer are run off gas and using gas is very cheep . Depending on where you trade you can sometimes plug in so having all electric would be a bonus .

Jul 22, 2014
Mobile Catering LPG Gas
by: Brian

Hi Sam,

Congratulations on your purchase.

If you are operating from a hook up you will likely be on a 16 or 32 amp supply (about 3.5-7kilowatt roughly). If on a portable generator the range maybe as low as 2.7-5kilowatt, added to this there may be local site restrictions requiring you to run your generator on LPG due to ground contamination from spilt fuel.

By comparison a pair of 19kg propane cylinders on a 4kg/hr regulator would give you a minimum 38kilowatt supply. If you run a pair of 47kg cylinders via a 4.5kg/hr auto changeover regulator this rises to a minimum of 60kilowatt (based upon bottle draw off rates).

The normal model is for catering trailers to use gas as it is a more compact source of power and cheaper than electricity, on events it is not unknown for a 16amp electric supply for 5 days to be as much as £700. A domestic kettle is generally 2kilowatts as a guide.

Depending on what food you intend selling you may need decide to retro fit a gas installation, if you do please choose an engineer familiar with the requirements of UKLPG code 24 part 3 to ensure the gas supply, ventilation and appliances are not only compliant, but fit for the purpose on earning you money.

I hope that is of some assistance.


Brian Penny

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