MLM Business Amway Helped Me In Reaching My Aspirations And Goals

by Shelly
(U.S Texas)

Personal Care Products

Personal Care Products

My name is Shelly and I was a bored housewife.
Five years ago my friend suggested me to get into a multi level marketing business. The business was Amway, which was dealing with home care, cosmetics, personal care etc.

At first I was reluctant as I was not interested in selling things to somebody. So she suggested I attend some meetings and family gatherings and to decide after having a thorough look at it.

After 3 of my visits, I was dead sure that the business of multi level marketing was very good. I got myself registered under my friend’s chain as in the business it is necessary for you to be introduced by someone.

I was little reluctant in the start to ask my neighbours, friends and associates to purchase the product from me. But slowly I told them the idea behind the marketing and how they can earn a good income from home without any large start up costs. The start-up was little difficult but now after five years I am very satisfied and happy that I am contributing a part into my family’s income.

I have introduced many friends and in turn my friends have introduced many other people. So I know my chain members only and 95 % of the people are referrals from my chain. The products are very good and you require a very small amount in diluted form. The company has recently introduced different types of protein, fibre and other daily tablets under the Nutralite brand.

After working in this business I have become more independent, have my own circle of friends and enjoy life. It is always better to start earning if you have the zeal and capacity to do it. In the beginning you have to dedicate a part of your time for this business. I have earned lots of money, fame, and reputation by joining hands in this business.

As it is very easy and independent business, you do not have to fear about your boss or subordinates. I would recommend people to join any multilevel marketing business and add a small part of their income into the family.

Today I can say that thanks to my Amway MLM business opportunity that I’m living a better quality of life and will be working even harder for more success

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