Make and Sell CD Clocks

by Tony

Simple CD clock

Simple CD clock

Hi just wanted to say what a great site, anyway my small business idea is a great one that anybody can do I did it for a while in between jobs but now that I’m working full time I don’t have the time anymore.

Basically I use to make CD clocks and sell them at markets and on eBay. A CD clock comprises of a blank music CD that has a print on one side say a picture of your favourite action hero, family dog, children or anything else for that matter that you think people would like to see.

Then you would place the spindle with the clock hands into the CD hole, this turns the CD into a CD clock. Now the parts you can get from e bay or a shop they even sell CD clock kits on e bay which includes everything you need to make a clock, these include clock hands, spindle, printing picture and software.

The other cool thing is these items are light enough to post and small enough so that they don’t require a lot of storage. No real skill is needed in making them, but it helps if you are carefully and have a steady hand to get started. You can even “bling “them up by gluing small sparkly accessories to the hands of the clock and around the edges of the CD itself, you are really only limited by your imagination.

We use to sell a load in the markets especially around Christmas and the CD clocks that sold the best were the clocks with children's cartoon pictures on them, you can print more or less anything on them that you like, but just be careful not to use images that are copywrite protected. If in doubt always ask permission to avoid any problems later down the line.

Anyway give it a try as you can start off with just a few kits, say 5 and see how it goes, this should give you a good feel and let you know if it’s something that you would like to do on a part-time basis. Good luck

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