Made Redundant Last Week and At 48 It’s Not Easy to Find a Job

by Frank

Hi there, I like your story about starting your Burger Van Business.
I was made redundant last week and at 48 it’s not easy to find a job; therefore my Idea is to buy a van and start selling hot and cold food.

I am from a Catering background so no worries there, I’m just afraid about the pitch. I do have a place in mind where I would like be, but don’t know how to find out if I’m allowed to trade?? I ‘really like to make a living with a Mobile Burger van, please can you help.


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Jan 19, 2012
by: Frank

It's been a while since i started my "Catering Van Business" I am nearly out of money maybe can last for another month and thats me finish!
I finally got my Stationary Street Trading License and started this Monday, this was the only hope i had to finally make a living, after loosing money everywhere i went.
I tried everything, approched every landowner.
I lost money each time i went somewhere.
The pitch i got now is not as good as i hope for and my loss continued, roughly -£50 a day every day for the past 3 months.
My food and prices are good.
Overall inc the van and equipment i lost over £10K so far + the £50 minus each day !
I regret so badly that i invested all my money in this ungrateful "business"
For all you out there who are thinking about a mobile business FIND A GOOD PITCH 1ST !!!!!!!!
I now will apply for Benefits, something i never did in my life but i have no choice, my burger van broke me

Jan 17, 2012
mobile coffee vans
by: Anonymous


I am looking to run a coffee van at the moment.
I found a nice little spot in a layby miles away from anyone.

Im thinking of doing a complete UTURN as i have just spoken to Surrey council and was told that they have only 6 places in the district where they allow mobile units and the waiting list for those spaces have not changed for 10 years so I guess I would die waiting being also 48 years of age.

Jan 08, 2012
still no pitch
by: Frank

its been over 2 months now since i bought my van, i applied for a Stationary Pitch choosen from a list given by the Council, still waiting !
I did a few car boot sales and a few weekends at a local petrol station (i know the owner) but so far i didn't made any money, in fact every time i went out i lost money. Cost of petrol for the Generator, LPG and food i had to through away at the end of the day.
Now my van is just standing there, cost me �100 per month insurance and i have no incoming.
I think i regred already spending nearly �9000 in the van so far, in the next couple of months i will be broke!

Oct 10, 2011
Find Out Who Owns The Land
by: David

Hi There,

I admire the fact that you want to do something different and work for yourself. The first thing to do is to find out who owns the land or space that you have in mind, and then approach that person/landlord or company and get permission to trade on the land.

If you’re not sure who owns the land you could try the local council as your first port of call, and then maybe the land register to see who owns the land. Failing that it’s up to you to do some detective work like asking neighbouring shops, offices, and units to find out.

Sorry, but there is no easy way around it.Another option may be for you to buy a catering pitch by looking on Ebay, local business pages and directories for pitches for sale as they do come up.

Best of luck Frank

Kind Regards

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