LPG or Diesel Generator

by Keith
(Hull England)

If only using only LPG for all catering equipment, how can I use toaster and microwave and lighting?

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Feb 27, 2014
by: Tony

Hi Keith , just want you to no that I my self use a generator . its a 6.5kva and I run my lights , radio , fridge freezer ,large drinks fridge and a till , and the generator runs fine . But I run a toaster microwave and kettle two but I can only use 1 of them at a time .
Anyway you need to ask your self is it worth running a generator . I have had lots of them both new and second hand and as a rule if I get 12 to 18 months out of one im doing well . remember generators run 8 to 10 hours a day so look after it check the oil weekly and make sure the filter is clean. and if possible have a spare.
and even if you get the right generator for your van theirs the fuel costs . good luck ,

Sep 27, 2012
Using only LPG appliances
by: David

The short answer is that you don’t NEED those extra appliances in your catering trailer

You can certainly make toast on the griddle, just scrape it clean, make sure it’s not oily and then place the bread on griddle, it’s also easier to butter when it’s on the griddle.

As for microwave, these suck up a lot of energy, use a baine marie instead it may be slightly more hassle, but in my opinion it could be worth it.

Many people want extra equipment but you really don’t need it when you’re first starting.

Also, when you have electrical appliances, you going to need P.A.T test done for those appliances not to mention the general electrical test, as part of the health and safety

As for lightening you can get an inverter and battery to run the lights when needed.

So if you can avoid having any electrical appliances in your trailer, I would try and avoid it.

Best of luck,

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