LPG Converted Generators

by Ben


Hoping someone can help.

We are starting a mobile coffee biz, due to space restrictions and what we thought were financial restrictions we decided to power all of of our van by electric using an external generator. The inverter and power packs to keep it all internal was way to pricey and we only have a small space.

However.... Due to having a coffee machine we have been told we need to find a 6.5kVa generator. We want LPG to keep it greener and want a silent gen so it doesn't have a negative affect when applying for pitches.

To our surprise the cost of generators are coming in at nearly £3000 after VAT.

Any suggestions on where we can get a cheap (is) generator? Additionally has anyone had experience of an external generator damaging their application for a pitch?

Alternatively any other solutions! We can't really afford to have more work and extra electrical installations as we already have the set up now and running out of money.

Many thanks


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Oct 14, 2014
LPG Generators Mobile Catering
by: Brian

Hi Ben,

Some shows will not allow the use of traders own generators as they lay on their own supply, a 16amp (approx 2.9 kW) supply at Glastonbury for the week is reportedly approx £700.

6.5kva is a 28 amp supply, this is a large generator, LPG fuelled generators are the norm due to ground contamination risks.

By comparison a 38 kW gas supply is less than 10% of the cost of the generator, unless of a fixed pitch I do not know of any caterers that run major equipment on electricity.

If your coffee machine is a Francino or similar it be possible to run it on LPG.
Lighting can be charged to LED or even 12v LED to reduce electrical demand.

I am afraid that gas is cheaper and a more compact power supply, look a Burco or Fuller urn and switch where possible to gas.


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