Looking for Mobile Caterers For Indoor Food Market. St Leonards-on-Sea

by Erika
(St Leonards-on-sea, East Sussex, England UK)

Hi Everyone,

I am investigating the viability of starting a Indoor Street Food market in a fabulous 8000sq ft warehouse in St Leonards-on-sea.

There is a severe lack of cuisine variety in St Leonards, and no-where within 2km to get a decent Sunday Roast. There is one fabulous (child friendly) pub nearby but it does not serve meals, and it is tight for space.

My vision is to create a balance between a family friendly and slightly edgy market. I already have investors who will contribute a Cinema, variety events, an indoor play centre (based on creative play - not screaming around) and events for the kids to participate in. There is a primary school (with 600 children) across the road and no-where within a 800metres that serves 'proper coffee'.

The unique selling point of the venue will be availability of cuisine not currently available in the Hastings/St Leonards area, therefore I am looking for people who own and run catering vans with the following 'street food' style cuisines:
- Vietnamese
- Mexican
- Dim Sum
- Greek
- African
- Nordic
- German/Bavarian
- Korean
- Cajun/Creole/New Orleans
- Modern British street food
- Amazing/original cake & coffee

I have calculated that a pitch would cost approx £5000 per year, the warehouse would be open all year around (except January, annual cost would include a Venue Website, Facebook page, Twitter account,local advertising, flyering, provision of cutlery, crockery & glassware and a communal potwash (shopping centre food court style) and registration with 'Just Eat' or 'Hungry House' to allow locals to order takeaway's of multiple cuisines (another USP).

So my question is....... does this sound like a reasonable deal for mobile caterers, and would anyone be interested in such a venture?

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Feb 17, 2019
How is it going..?
by: Anonymous

How are you doing with this idea, it sounds great!


Mar 10, 2015
Thanks for feedback
by: Erika

Thank you all for your feedback. Apologies for the delay to reply but I have just realised that I've been missing the e-mail notifications in my junk file folder.

Progress is slow as I have been waiting on residents survey and for the landlord to get back to us (which we have only just succeeded).

Marc, if you would like to get in touch please feel free to e-mail me erika_bauer@hotmail.com.

Thanks again everyone. I really appreciate your opinions as I don't want to jump into anything without plenty of research.


Mar 09, 2015
Great Idea
by: Anonymous

Wish I lived in your area I'd be well up for a spot on your market. Brilliant and will do very well. I been in catering for 35 plus years so know it well. Just in the process of setting up a mobile catering business so this was of real interest to me.
Good luck with it.

Mar 09, 2015
nice idea
by: marc

Hi sounds like an interesting idea. I'm in Hastings and would like to discuss it more. I cant write much here as on phone but do get in touch to let me know how things are progressing and how I could get involved

Feb 06, 2015
New Opportunites
by: David

Hi Erika,

It's sounds like an interesting opportunity if you can attract the right caterers on board and offer them some sort of exclusivity for the foods that they offer, basically only allow 1 food type per operator. The £5000 sound fair, but what does this include, rates, electric, secure parking, water and toilet facilities etc?

I think if you were also to create the right atmosphere, and market it appropriately" something like "foods from around the world", this area could become very popular. The only down side being a Sea Side Town is it’s seasonality, but if you can market it so that it’s in constant use all year round by offering home delivery service this may remedy the seasonal low.
I think your proposal could work well, when you have more concrete details come back and let us know so that others can get in contact with you.

Best of luck,

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