Lighting in a Gazebo

by Damian
(North Wales)

I was just wondering what the best setup for lighting a gazebo when it gets dark? I would like to be self-sufficient (i.e. no need for a generator or hook up) and was wondering whether a 12 volt leisure battery would work and, if so, are the lights bright enough? Also, how would you hook up lights to a battery?

Great site, been so helpful getting even to this stage where we haven't set up yet.


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Jan 07, 2015
Power The Lights On Catering Vehicle
by: Brian

12v are plenty bright enough, there are plenty of products out there, or you can make yourself up some with maplins components. The key is to get a decent sized reflector 4 inch guttering lined with aluminum foil tape worked well in my partner's stables when I did a set there.

Work out the power in watts divide that by 12(volts) this will give you a current draw in amps, e.g 36 watts divided by 12v gives 3 amps, am a80 amp battery will give you about 26.5 hrs, if you add a solar panel you will need a charge regulator so you do not over charge your battery.


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