Life Changed After Joining MLM Business


Hello! Let me first of all introduce myself. My name is Elisa and I was working with a recruitment consultancy but I had to give up the job after my child was born. Since I was used to working I found it very difficult to stay inside the home for 24 hours .

I used to pass my free time reading books, magazines and newspaper. One of my friends introduced me to MLM business, Amway saying that you can do it in your spare time and also you can earn something. At first I was not convinced as to what to do but she motivated me to join by explaining it with the tree diagram.

She then gave me examples of many people saying how their lives have changed after joining. She took me to a seminar where I was able to meet many people and hear their success stories and after that I decided to join by paying the membership fee in which I got a starter kit and CD.

For being successful in MLM you have to put all your efforts and you should also have the ability to convince people. It is the way of talking and convincing people that matters a lot in this business. They have a lot of products and the products are excellent.

I used my convincing skills and convinced three people to join under me. These three people then convinced other people and this is how the tree grows. The best thing I liked about this business is that we have to pay only the joining fees and nothing else and then slowly as our tree expands we start getting income.

It is always advisable to start the business with somebody you know very well like friends, colleagues and those who have a vast net work as they can help in expanding the business. The hardest part of the business is to convince people that it is really possible in practical life to get such kind of money.

Apart from getting money my life has changed a lot since I come in contact with a number of people. I can say that if anyone is serious and puts efforts in MLM business then he/she is surely going to be really successful, but it does require you to put in the work which most people don’t do.

For those of you who are focused, determined and really want to succeed with minimal start up cost this opportunity offers a good way of getting started.

Here are my 6 tips that I used to get going.

1) Research the opportunity to make sure it’s for you
2) Tell everyone and anyone who will listen
3) Get a website and start getting leads that way
4) Don’t just depend on your team – keep working it
5) Stay away from negative people – they are like poison and see the bad side in everything.
6) Be prepared to work very hard, be driven and don’t take no for answer – either find a way or make one.

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