Licences for my burger van on a building site?

by Kayley

Hi, I am starting up my burger van and may have found a pitch on a building site. Can you please tell me what I need for it, will I still need my street trading licence if I am on the building site?

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Nov 23, 2010
How Much To Start Up In Mobile Catering
by: David

Hello Natalie,

This is quite a general question which is hard to answer accurately but I’ll give it my best shot. Firstly a decent looking catering trailer can be anything from £4000 upwards, stock could be another £600+ pounds deepening on what you are selling.

Insurance for some has skyrocketed and can again be quite high depending if the trailer will be at a secure location at night or left at the trading pitch.

You will also need to pay for pitch weekly or monthly, gas and electric certificates, cooking gas etc , I would say around £6-£10.000 thousand would be a rough estimate to get started.

Nov 15, 2010
start up costs
by: Natalie

Hello David,

I have currentley been looking to start my first catering van business and as I have been looking for all the start up costs to starting in such a sector and have a few questions I have enclosed below, which I would be very grateful if you take the time to answer,

How much does it cost on average to start your first catering van, to cost of the van, insurance, liability insurance etc?

Kindest Regards,


Nov 13, 2010
Mobile Catering on Building Site
by: David

Hi Kayley,

You should not need a street trading license as you will be on private land. But you should register your food business with the council environmental health; get a food and hygiene certificate and liability insurance to cover yourself.

Hope this helps,


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