Just Been Offered A Jacket Potatoe Catering Site

by Kath

Hi i have just been offered a site for a jacket potato unit in my town centre.

The thing is i am not too sure what to do as there is another unit that is selling the same 2 streets away.

I was told this, but my unit will be at the side of some market stalls,so will serve that area.

Do you think it will work for me,i have had 2 yrs experience selling the same in another town.

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Oct 31, 2008
C6ns5der These Few Things
by: David

Hi Kath,

How much is the potato pitch that you want to buy turning over a week or month, is it busy and how much rent do you have to pay.These are all questions that you need ask yourself, and do you really want to have the same business so close to someone else's business.

Saying that if it's a really busy market that needs two units selling the same food then it may be worth it but truthfully it very hard to say.I would say that you should do some research, and make sure it financially worth it for you, hope this helps you out and sorry for the delay in returning your email...been very busy.


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