I've been Thinking about Running a Curry Van for Years

by Phil

Very interesting stuff. I've been ruminating on running a curry van for years.

There's a possibility of redundancy from my job that would maybe give me enough money to get started.

You mentioned average earnings. Is that your actual profit after taking away tax etc etc

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Aug 26, 2010
help me
by: asim

heya....i was finkin of ma own business...curry van....but i dnt knw where to go for the premises licence..and how much it is...ive got bout 12.000 pounds 4 now.....but dnt knw where to start...plz any ideas....

Oct 17, 2009
Starting Curry Van business
by: Moses

Hi Phil, I too have recently been thinking about running a curryvan after constantly going to exhibitions with my current employer and seeing the demand for good food at an afordable price.

such places can attract between 5,000 - 50,000 people within 3-4 days depending on type of show. Having managed an indian restaurant and seeing the demand, pro's and con's I believe that such a business will be very successful, providing you go to the right exhibitions and festivals.

The demand is definately there, the type of food itself is loved my the majority of the country. its a niche market. providing you sell the right food at the right price with very good service, you are looking at a successful business with potential for growth.

I would be interested in any information or comments you have Phil or even get back to me with ideas you may have as I too am interested in this type of business venture.

kind regards


Jan 29, 2009
Sell Curry In a Hurry? Maybe Not
by: Anonymous

Hi Phil,

My actual earnings at the time did vary depending on where i was set up at the time.It was around on average around £3-£400 profit after taking out all the gas, food and tax for the week.

But saying that i have worked on a very busy building site that was earning me around £800 £1000 a day and even though it was only for a couple of weeks I did well out of it.

So your earnings will vary greatly.

Your idea to do a curry business i feel will not be that busy.

I have tried the same thing at a festival and even though i was busy - all the big queues were for the burgers and hot dog.

So I would defiantly be flexible in the food that you intend to cook, and cater for the most popular.

Hope this helps you out, invest your money wisely, wishing you every success.

Davidp.s Get My Free Mobile Catering Guide

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