Is The Catering Business Market Flooded?

by reece

hi i was just wondering if building my own burger van would be cheaper.Also do you think that this market is flooded at the moment?

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Mar 24, 2009
There is Always Room For a Better Business
by: Anonymous

Hi Reece,

It?s too much of an effort to attempt to build your own catering trailer. You will also have to have quite a diverse range of skills to be able to put one together, plum in all the electrics, gas piping, water and so on.

It?s much cheaper to and safer to buy one, which has been professionally made and tested.

By all means if you?re up for the challenge then give it ago.

With regards to your final question is the market flooded?
All I can say is that the market is flooded with most businesses, but that?s no reason not to give the business ago.

There are many people offering their services and some of them good and some of them not so good.

There is always room for another business especially if you can offer a better

Choice of foods
Welcoming Service
Great prices
Tastier food
Quicker Service
Morning paper
Take a way menu

And so on

So don?t be put off if you?re really determined to make it work.

Hope this helps

Best of luck

p.s Get My Free Mobile Catering Guide

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