Is It Possible To Run a Catering Van Business From Your Driveway?

by Ray

Hi am looking for some information on running your own catering van from my driveway at home.

I have a large front drive with ample parking for a catering van offering substantial off street parking for customers.

I used to run my own garage services business from these premises but have decided on a change of career and wish to start offering hot and cold snacks from a catering trailer.

My property is located on a very busy road and i think it is an ideal situation for a catering van.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

How would I go about finding out this information? (As only seem to find information on parking your van in your driveway when not in use)

Any info/ advice is most appreciated.

I am located in Scotland and look forward to hearing what you guys think..

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May 25, 2010
Great Location For a Mobile Catering Business
by: David

Hello Ray,

I can't see this really being a problem since you have already used this land for business in the past. If you are renting the land then its a case of contacting the land owner and making sure that they are okay with the new idea, and change of business use.

Alternatively if you own the land which your message seems to suggest then it's a matter of contacting your local council and speaking with an environmental health officer. They should be able to tell you more or less if this will be a problem, and should provide you with additional help including registering you as a food business.

The main problem for many people starting off is finding a pitch or a suitable piece of private land to launch the business from. Since you appear to have solved this problem it's simply a case of getting started with your mobile catering business.

If you're not sure on what steps to get started, please get me free 12 step mobile catering guide here

Best of luck and please let us know how you get on.


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