Is £200 a Day Possible With A Mobile Kebab Business

by Jade


What do you think, an estimate gross profit of 200£/day, working 8h/day (daytime or at night) is it too much to expect from a mobile catering unit having a secure pitch? I intend to sell kebabs, burgers, hot-dogs mainly. Am I dreaming, or is it really possible?

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Jan 02, 2014
David is right
by: Frank

I bought myself a Burger Van around 2 years ago (changed to a trailer last year to save cost) I am struggling I really am and have lost around 20k in the past 2 years ! PITCH is the key so get a pitch 1st. I didn't do this which was my mistake I only worked Sat and Sunday on Boot Sale sometimes (in summer) I make £400 on a weekend sometimes zero or minus. I put up my trailer for sale now and start looking for a Job. Catering Business NEVER again !

Nov 28, 2013
Earning Through Mobile Catering
by: David

Hi Jade,

Yes! This is possible if you can get the right pitch on the right location. This is the hardest part of starting the business. I would really spend some time, finding the pitch first or you may be disappointed. It may also be worth looking into buying an existing business which would give you a head start in that it would already be established and have income already coming in.

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Hope this help.

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