Insurance For Carrying LPG Gas

by Craig
(Coventry, England)

Hello, I and my partner are going to start a food trailer in 12 months, we have a joint savings account and have an aim to save 10k or more before we start, preferably more.

My aim is to use a small transit van to tow a trailer, but what kind of insurances will we need.

Do we insure the van separately, the trailer separately, or does business insurance cover both, we are a little lost in our infancy as to what it is we need to be looking at, carrying gas etc.

What insurance does that need, where do we carry it, and how do we insure our selves, basically I would like to know all types of insurance we will need.

Greatly appreciate any feedback you might be able to give us, also as a new comers to this business any other feedback you think we might need to know that we have not yet thought of.

Kind regards Craig

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Jul 30, 2012
Insurance for Catering Trailer
by: David

Hello Craig,

Great to hear from you!

You will need 3 separate insurance policies to get going with your business.

First, you will need a commercial van insurance policy for the van towing the trailer; this is the standard insurance policy that you may already have.

Also, you will need an insurance policy for the trailer itself, this will cover damage, fire and also if the trailer is stolen.

As for LPG, this will covered as part of the trailer insurance and will be stored on the catering trailer. It’s also a good idea to get some public liability insurance, this is to cover you and the customers for when you start to trade.

These are the 3 main policies that you will need to get going.

Please also make sure that you secure a pitch first, since this is the hardest part of launching the business.

Very best of luck to you!


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