Insurance Cost To Hire Out My Converted Catering Van


I am thinking of buying a converted-to-catering Citroen H van but not looking to use it myself for a year or two. Which is why I am thinking of buying it now, and hiring out to others on long or short-term rental basis?

Any ideas if the cost and practicalities of hiring out a van for catering purposes and whether the cost of insurance would make the whole idea impractical...?


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van for sale
by: Anonymous

Hi Josie,

I'm not sure what you decided, but if you are still looking for a van, I have a converted catering van for sale.

Let me know if you're interested:

Many thanks,


Mobile Catering Rental Business
by: David

Hi Josie,

It depends on how much work the Citroen H van needs (if any) and if it has all the necessary equipment.

If everything is order then it may be worth using your mobile catering van it to generate some extra rental income.

You will be responsible and have to make sure it has all its yearly certificates, MOT, LPG and so on up to date each year.

With insurance you will have to get some quotes and work this into your rental agreement for the client to pay. As I have not done this myself its
worth finding out how much it will all cost you and decide from here.

As I understand to rent a catering vehicle is normally around £120-200 per week depending on the size of trailer/van and length of rental time.

A lot of people are looking to try/start a catering business, so there should be enough potential people to rent to. And if all else fails you can always start trading from it yourself.

Best of luck


p.s Get my free guide on Starting a Mobile Catering Business

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