Installing LPG Cylinders in Recessed Commpartment in Pizza Oven Van

by Lee


Thank you for this site, it's so useful. We currently have a mobile wood fired oven but now want to use a gas fired one for cooking consistency.

Reading the regs it seems bottles can only be stored for transport externally to the vehicle. Would it be possible to weld a steel storage box into the inside of the van that opened only to the outside. That way the gas would be on board but could only be accessed from outside through a ventilated door. The van is a panel van

Then the gas pipe after the changeover valve and regulator would pass through a hole in the box and a grommet to the interior to power the water heater and oven burner. Would this be satisfactory? It seems a safer and simpler method of transporting them in one compartment then taking them out to stand more than 1m away at the trading spot.

I'm in Manchester and it's been tricky to try to find an engineer who will do a consultation.

Thanks for any advice if anyone has any! Lee

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Feb 15, 2016
Gas Bottles Must be Stored
by: David


Gas bottles must be stored and carried in an approved locker, the specification is as follows;
The locker must be accessed externally
Must be sealed from the interior of the vehicle
Be constructed so as to achieve 30 mins fire resistance

Be ventilated at high and low level at a rate of 1% of the floor area (length x width x 0.01)
Be capable of storing the cylinders upright and feature a means of restraint. Have external 'highly flammable' warning signage.

Not contain any potential source of ignition (electrics)Where more than one cylinder is used - a single emergency control valve. An earth bond to the chassis. Must contain the the regulator and all high pressure pipework. The pipework inside the catering area must be copper or steel.

I hope that gives you some guidance.

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