I’m Wondering How Much the Bigger Events Charge - Mobile Catering

by Stu

Hi, I’m wondering how much the bigger events charge? Like the motor racing or air shows things like that.

I have got a five 14 foot mobile catering trailer and the main food we do is, fries, burgers, hotdogs, and cold/hot drinks.

I have only had it 6 months and do the local market 5 times, but the rent for the day is £350 and after overheads I was only making £150 best.
I have 2 other people that will work with me at larger events 1 cooking and 2

Thanks for your time

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May 13, 2011
Pitch Prices For Larger Mobile Catering Events
by: David

Hi Stu,

Rent for the bigger shows can be a lot more money but then you can also make much more income.

Prices can vary from £100?s to £1000s for a few days of trading depending on how big and popular the events are. Also it?s worth trying to negotiate your rent and get it cheaper ? which can?t hurt.

I knew some who was catering in Glastonbury and the rent was in the thousands for a few days of trading, he seemed to do well out of it but would not tell me exactly how much money he made.

Some more info here:

Glastonbury Traders Info

Try calling up some event organisers and getting some prices from them to give you a more accurate pitch price.

Also look in the www.eventsbook.co.uk which list events from all around the country and included contact phone numbers.

Best of luck

p.s Get my free guide on Starting a Mobile Catering Business

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