Ice Cream Wars - Burger Van Wars?

by Adrian

How prevalent is 'family' and 'extortion' in the burger van world? I'm interested in the business, but not interested in entering a world with potential for trouble.

Also, I gather that major events are 'stitched up' amongst the big boys.

With both these points I am unclear if the people who made them are outside the industry and making assumptions, or know for real.

I appreciate that if you turn up and trade on someone else's pitch there may be an issue, but assuming you are fair does the business play fair?


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Jan 03, 2009
Try Driving A round and Do Some Research
by: Anonymous

Hi Adrian,

I can appreciate the fact that is some places this may be a problem. If you do turn up to trade near someone?s pitch (business) naturally it will cause some problems for you. Who wants someone else stealing your business and taking money needed to feed your family.

The best way to avoid this is to drive around you area and see where all the catering trailers are located. Make sure that you keep a reasonable distance to avoid any conflict and you should be fine. This always used to work well for me and I never encountered any problems.

With regards to the bigger catering events and being stitched up I can?t really comment.

I am pretty sure that if you are catering for say festivals like Glastonbury it?s all above bored.

Their are also many events where you can pay a fee or book in advance and get yourself a great spot, which eliminates the need for any problems.

Try they sell such a book which list legitimate events from around the country, hope this answers your questions and the best of luck with your future plans.


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