I Want To Move Around and Cater

by Adele

Hi there,

fantastic site by the way, loads of great ideas and tips.
My question is; I am planning on opening up a artisan coffee van, been in the specialty coffee business for years.

I am looking into industrial estates for Mon-Fri so I know everything I need for that but can I also do events? I have heard of people hiring a coffee van for their weddings, partys etc. Do I need a separate license for that? Or as long as I have everything I need for set up in the industrial estate, I am free to move around?


Adele - Glasgow

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Sep 21, 2015
Trading Information
by: David

Hi Adele,

As long as you are set-up and registered legally on a regular pitch you can move around and expand your business by catering for other events, fairs, car boots sale etc. This type of events are usually registered with an event organiser who will already have in place the right paperwork, insurance and permission to trade. You will then trade under them.

If you ever apply to trade at an event but are not sure of the event organiser credentials, check with the local council to make sure that the event is registered with them. This is also a good way to ensure you don’t get loose any money securing an event that has not been authorised.

As for other private events such as weddings, birthdays etc, as long as you have permission to trade - this is not a problem, but of course you may want to check with the local council for any changes.

Best of luck


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