I Want to Get a Small Catering Trailer Setup in the Next Year or So

by Daniel

Catering trailer at festival

Catering trailer at festival

I'm not going to ask a question yet, just wanted to say that I came across your website and wanted to say its excellent! Very informative, and it guides along alot of the fears and worries I have pondered. Great work.

Many thanks and so glad you shared your experiences.

I want to get a small catering trailer setup in the next year or so with my wife who is an amazing cook. She does curries and cakes to perfection, although I am considering starting off simple (bacon sandwiches at a carboot/industrial estate/event) to get the ball rolling.

My only stumbling block (besides finances) is convincing my wife this is a good idea. She is very skeptical to the idea but I think that is just fear.

We've discussed the potential of renting a cafe or similar in the past but that sounds even harder. If I could persuade her to dip a toe I know it would be a flyer.

Thanks for sharing your experiences though as I intend to use them for objection handling for her and my own mind, but also to get a grip of how and what is required to make it all happen.

Thanks again!


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Aug 25, 2012
Ride Through the Fear
by: David

Hi Daniel,

Nice to hear from you and I know that you're really not expecting a reply, but I JUST wanted to wish you the very best of luck and remember the words, "nothing ventured", "nothing gained".

Let's hope you can turn an idea into an income stream and that you both make the best decision for the future.

I was scared as hell when I first started, but managed to ride through the fear.

I also really wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, regardless of if I succeeded or failed. It also gave me the courage and more confidence to really pursue other opportunities that came up.

Anyway, keep going, if not with mobile catering then maybe a different business perhaps!

All the best,

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