I Myself Work In The Catering Business-But Want To Start Up

by Paula and Mark

Hi how are you and i hope all is well, anyway having read your story on how you started and achieved your goal regarding your catering bossiness i can only say you have inspired me more than ever to go ahead with this and thank you.

Me and my partner are in the process of setting a mobile unit up, i myself work in the catering business for the local council but it has become something i don’t wish to carry on with as we want to start our own up.

I myself have qualifications in all aspects e.g. nvqs in health and hygiene and nutrition to name a few so i was wondering if you could give us anymore tips regarding this we would be so grateful if you could as we are about to go and look at a few units to buy in the next week or so.

Could you give us any advise on how to go and look for a good pitch or as you say in your guide just search, industrial estates ,truck depot and car boots if so, where would you start looking.

I hope i have given you enough info and hope to here from you asap and would be so grateful for anything you could help us with.

Much obliged


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Nov 12, 2008
LPG or Gas Equipment For My Small Business
by: David

Hi Neil,

Thanks for your kind comments – now with regards to your questions if you plan to use all that hardware you’re going to need a big big generator (where do you store it). If you already have the equipment then your best bet is to get your hands on either a gas or diesel generator to power it all up.-I’m guessing around 6-10kv

If you haven’t got the equipment yet then why not opt for lpg equipment and if as you say “the machine you need is limited in choice” then get the electric version or compromise, but try and have the rest of the equipment as LPG. It’s just easier, cheaper and safer to run and you can always get the gas delivered to where you are.

Also ask yourself do you really need all that equipment? Try and keep it simple remember your going to cook with it all, and clean it all when you’ve finished which can be a bit of a balancing act. You’ll probably find that you end up using just a few pieces of equipment most of the time.

Finally, till or pouch I’d say which ever is easier for you, but I personally preferred my open till located at the back of the trailer. So that no one would be tempted to reach over and help themselves, or they’d get burned by my front facing smoking hot griddle.

How this help you out Neil

Best of luck and keep in touch


Nov 10, 2008
Gas or Electric?
by: Neil

Hi David,
REALLY enjoyed your first day of business - fast thinking helped you with those security guards!
My question is one of power - at the moment I haven't considered the gas option mainly because I want to use a 2group espresso machine if poss and know that the gas versions are limited in choice and more expensive. I have owned (and recently sold) a town centre coffee house for 15 years and now want to transfer my coffee knowledge to the trailer and the fresh outdoors! The equipment I have earmarked are - 2 grp espresso machine, grinder, panini grill, fridge, freezer, counter-top small conventional oven, microwave, hot-water system, plus other small items like domestic toaster, blender and maybe a pour and serve coffee machine. Sounds a lot - what generator am I looking at...or would I really be better off going for gas?
Oh, and a cash till or pouch round your waist??!

Nov 05, 2008
Don't Give Up Your Day Job
by: Anonymous

Hi Mark and Paula

Thanks for your kind comments, with regards to your questions the best advice that I could give you when buying your trailer is to make sure it's very clean as people judge you on it's appearance. Finding a pitch will be tough but if you get stuck try here www.eventsbook.co.uk for events around the country.

Also with regards to your job I wouldn't give it up until you establish your new business and are happy. a lot of people start a business and then change their minds as they feel it's not for them-then have trouble selling their trailer.

So make sure 100% per cent it's for you perhaps even try renting a trailer doing some business and really see that it's for you.

I hope this helps, if you would like to ask further questions please contact me, otherwise the best of luck to you both



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