I have Taken Delivery of a Catering Trailer

Hi David

Firstly- your site is a terrific help - thanks.

I have taken delivery of a trailer and am starting up on my pitch next month - I am sooooo excited. Everything is in place but there is one thing that I am not too sure on.

What is the best way to buy/store bread? I am planning on buying fresh loaves and slicing them myself as needed with the food slicer that I have - if I buy several loaves at once do they freeze well or is it best not to freeze them at all.

Also- the same with burger/hot dog buns - once defrosted how long will they keep before I have to bin any that have not been sold?

Thanks very much

Kind regards


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May 15, 2009
burger bread
by: kevin murphy

buy in fresh buns may b4 dosen put in freezer for reserve continue to buy fresh until u get ur buisness up and running u never run short

May 13, 2009
Great Start in Business-Keep Going
by: Anonymous

Hi Sue,

I’m very pleased for you and feel that you will make it a great success.

With regards to your question about the bread, I would say only get enough for the day or better still have it delivered if possible to save you time - there are businesses who provide this service.This will help you cut down on wastage.

I’m not a big fan of freezing bread but you can buy bread frozen from certain wholesalers and bake the bread yourself if this helps.

As your business grows you will have an idea of what quantities you’ll need from day to day

Hot dog /burger buns are available frozen and you can de frost the quantity you need for the day, they normally last a couple of days, but to keep everything fresh defrost small quantities at a time.

Remember keep everything as fresh as possible and offer your customers value for money and service.

The very best of luck to you and please keep me updated


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