I Can Cook Some Pretty Mean Burgers and Latin American

by Andrea

Hi David, i stumbled across your website; I am trying to start a small business myself after also working in IT.

I have no support from my partner's which makes it even more difficult. But now I’m truly inspired by your courage and can't wait to get the wheels in motion and start my little business.

I know I can do it as I can cook some pretty mean burgers and Latin American food! (I’m from Brazil). So thanks again for sharing your story! (Any further tips you can give me would be extremely appreciated)

Kind Regards,


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Oct 10, 2011
Latin Tasting Burgers
by: David

Hi Andrea,

With regards to your question and idea, it sounds pretty great especially if you?re going embrace the taste of Latin America.

This would surely add a unique taste to that offered by the normal burgers, which sounds great, you could even offer both kinds.

As for not having the support of your partner, it?s a shame. However at the time when I first started - my partner was also not at all supportive and even went as far to tell me not to bother starting a business because I couldn?t cook anyway.

The only good thing I had going for me was my stubborn nature and so I just continued anyway. So I?ll encourage you by saying just continue anyway.

Best of luck and don?t forget to sign up for my free start up guide, for more tips and advice.


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