I Built a Mobile Bar Temp Event Noitce

by Scott

Hi I am an ex-brewery technician with advanced skills in beer dispense. I have built a 'mobile bar' (not a trailer, just a physical bar which can be flat packed and pops up where needs be) in order to serve amazing beer.

I understand I need a personal license to sell alcohol.

But do I need to have my own Temp Event Notice or can I serve under the event organisers TEN? Does a TEN need to be specific to each caterer or can there just be one for the whole event?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read/reply.

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Apr 25, 2019
temporary event notices
by: Trevor

It is a condition of all temporary event notices (TENs) that, where a TEN allows the supply of alcohol, all such supplies must be made by or under the authority of the named premises user. The ‘premises user’ is the person who gave the TEN.

Therefore, if you are working for or with an event organiser, and they have given a TEN, and they give you authority to supply alcohol under their TEN, then you have authority to supply alcohol under the TEN. Likewise, if you gave a TEN which permitted the supply of alcohol, you would need to make sure that all people supplying alcohol under your TEN have your authority to do so.

With regards to your second question, there could be one TEN for the whole event. Whoever gave that TEN would need to give authority to anyone supplying alcohol at that event in order for the alcohol supplies to be legal.

If the person who gave the TEN did not want to give their authority, then it may be possible to obtain a separate TEN for the event. However, if there were to be more than one TEN per event, then each caterer would need to make sure that they are not counted under the law as an associate or business colleague of anybody else at the event, otherwise their TEN would have to be refused, and also that each event is held in a different premises. Such steps are necessary because there are limits on the number of TENs that can be given for any particular premises, can be given by people, and also that no TEN can start within 24 hours of another TEN.

There are various limits and restrictions which apply to TENs, and, although I am not listing them all here, you will need to make sure that you are operating within the limits and restrictions in order to give a TEN.

You can find information on the limits and restrictions in the guidance notes on the TEN form, which can be downloaded from


It would also be good for you to confirm this with your local Licensing Officer

Best of luck

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