I am at college doing my NVQ level 3 and i am trying to set up my own catering business from home

by amy

I am a qualified chef and currently doing my advanced course, i would really like to start looking at setting up a catering business from home to help me up when I finish college in June

I have read loads of different things on the net and they all tell me different things. Does anyone know if I need any licences or insurance?

I have my food hygiene certificates but I want to do it the correct way, help ple aseeeee!

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Apr 14, 2010
thank you!
by: amy

thank you everyone for your comments, you have all been very helpfull! :)

Apr 12, 2010
go for it
by: Anonymous

hi im andrew
the best thing to do is speek to the EHO at the council belive it or not they are pretty helpful.

I openend a tea shop when i was 19 and the first thing i did was call in teh EHO and did as i was told they love you for it you get free legal advice on where you stand and it does your repututation no harm at all.

I am now 38 and still up and running in the same tea shop (sory if that sound up my arse)
The goverment give out loads of funding so dont get put of by costs.A good place to look for funding is citizans advice but go in so you can get the ansers in full.

If you can get your menus right and your still at collage try taping up a local pub / restarunt /taeshop/school canteen /colage kitchen etc. to use the facilatys as they hve the kit and cover allredy.

Wishing you the best of success and many riches


Feb 24, 2010
Ring a Roast
by: Anonymous

Hi, im not sure whether u have a similar family run business where u live but down here we have a service called ring a roast where they deliver roast dinners, steaks etc. I know they are very successfull and expanding constantly, maybe you could do something similar?

Feb 18, 2010
Set up a catering business from home
by: Anonymous

Hi Amy,

Firstly, well done for being so ambitious it's great to see in someone so young.

The best place to start is to contact your local council (environmental health officer) and explain to them what you want to do. They will either tell you what you need to know or send you out an information pack which should explain things in more detail.

As far as I am aware, to set up a catering business from home using your own kitchen facilities may be a problem. As you will be preparing food for commercial use, and storing ingredients. For this you will have to follow meet strict food safety guidelines. You will also have to contact your landlord/mortgage company to inform them that you intend to run a business from home.

I am not saying that it can?t be done, but if you are really serious about this it may be easier to rent a commercial kitchen which would already have all the necessary equipment and insurances.

Do contact the council and get the exact information you need and from there make up your mind. You may also find this story interesting it?s about someone who set up a baking business.

Best of luck


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