How to power equipment in catering trailer.

(West Midlands UK)

Hi, I'm looking at purchasing a catering trailer but am a complete novice! What is the best way to power everything? Can you run the electrical appliances via the gas? Someone once said this but I couldn't understand it! I'll be viewing trailers soon but really need to know, in layman's terms, what I should be looking and asking for.


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Apr 23, 2019
Power Catering Trailer
by: David-


It would be a lot easier for you if all the equipment was powered by LPG gas. You can of course have a combination of Gas and Electrical appliances, but then you would need to think about getting an LPG generator to power any electrical equipment.

It does all depend on the menu you would like to offer. So for instance, if you were offering breakfast, tea, coffee, burgers type menu. All appliances griddle, baine marie, water boilers, fridge could be powered by LPG gas.

If the trailer you are looking to purchase, had a mixture of LPG/electric appliances, it would also need a generator. Try and stick to LPG gas if possible.

Best of luck,

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