How To Go About Finding Catering Pitches

by Michelle
(norwich, norfolk)

We are currently in Norwich on a DIY stores car park. How do you go about finding different pitches? Local council said they can’t help and we have called landlords that own private land, but my partner does not want me on a lay by because I’m by myself, so need an industrial estate really! Is there an easier way other than calling all these landlords and getting refused before we even have a chance to explain?



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Mar 26, 2014
Find Catering Pitch
by: David

Hi Michelle,

The only way to find a pitch on an Industrial is to approach the different Ind Estates in the local area until you find one which offers the possibility of a pitch. If none are available in your immediate area, then you will have to slightly widen your search area until your reach the maximum distance you want to travel.

The local council have limited number of pitches available which are normally taken or have a queue of people waiting to move onto them. You can use the internet and search for Industrial Estates within your local areas to see if anything comes up and then make contact.

If you can’t find a pitch on an Industrial Estate, try searching for other pitches like builder’s merchants, pubs, car boots, local fairs and local sporting events which can prove lucrative e.g. football, rugby etc. There is no easy way around it; you just need to be persistent, creative and a little patient.

If you are not familiar with retail concessions, they have a range of pitches around the country on DIY stores that may prove helpful. There website is and take a look at this post for further reading Catering Pitch Space For Mobile Catering

Keep looking and you will find something sooner or later.

Best of luck,

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