How To Clean and Drain LPG Chip Fryer?

by Lloyd



I have an lpg chip fryer and im just starting out I want to use the fryer but it needs a good clean and I cant see how to clean the bottom of the fryer or how to drain it can anyone help?

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Feb 20, 2014
very well explained!
by: Frank

my tip!
empty like David said, then remove the slaggy stuff (breadcrumbs etc) put the basket back in fill with water ad 2 cups of washing powder!!!! YES washing powder bring to boil let it simmer for 30 min or so, the rinse a few times!

Feb 01, 2014
Clean LPG Fryer
by: David


(If fryer is in use, make sure oil has cooled down sufficiently before draining)

The best way to go about cleaning your fryer is to firstly find the drain valve which should be located at the front of the fryer. It’s normally a valve with a wheel or lever of some sort which will allow you to drain the contents of the fryer. Once the contents have been drained, refill with hot water up to the max oil level line which is indicated inside the fryer.

Add a fryer compatible detergent like savvon sa (Sa) or equivalent to the water which will help dissolve hard to remove grease and carbon build up. Use a long-handled brush to mix the contents and scrub the sides of the fryer; be careful not to scrub the heating elements located at the bottom of the fryer.

You may also use a plastic scrapper to remove any build of hard to remove grease from the sides. Don’t ever be tempted to use metal scraper or you will damage the side of the fryer causing rust and leave metal particles that can contaminate the food.

It’s also a good idea to add the fryer baskets into the solution and allow to soak for a few hours. It’s then a matter of draining the contents and then using the long handled brush to scrub excess waste from the bottom and sides of the fryer. Rinse through a few more times with hot water and then thoroughly dry the inside of the fryer including all the elements. Once this has been completed add a litre of oil to the fryer to make sure all water has been flushed from drain tube. At this point it’s ready to use, or you need to do is refill with fresh oil to the right level

Here are a few other points that you will find useful.

- Use a good quality cooking oil for best results

- To extend the life of the cooking oil frequently remove any excess food particles after use, such as bits of chips, batter, fat etc.

- When the fryer is not in use turn the temperature down to extend oil life

- Hot oil will take a few hours to cool down, bear this in mind if your food vehicle is mobile

- If the oil looks yellow or starts to smoke when cooking, it’s time to change the oil, otherwise people will get the full taste of the oil and not the food.

Best of luck with it, and let us know how you get on

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