How Much Does The Average CateringTrailer Weigh?

by Sue

How much does the average sized catering trailer weigh? we are currently looking to buy a van with a view to use this to pull a catering trailer and have been advised the van can pull a max of 1.7 tonnes - would this be sufficient to pull an average sized trailer?

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Jan 02, 2022
Can my vauxhall astra 1.6 tow a snack bar NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I have a vauxhall astra 1.6 can this tow a regular snack bar my shack bar is braked.

Apr 28, 2016
trailer weight
by: Brian

Hi i have a 10ft x 6ft trailer and with all the cooking gear and stock and gas bottles, i have no idea what the weight is,the reason i need some info is i was reading that for an unbraked trailer [which mine is] i must not exceed 750kg,my question! is my trailer to heavy to pull with my nissan quashqui? do i need to have it braked?

PS i have been thinking of buying a second hand mercedes vito 108 cdi would it be able to pull the laden trailer? any info you can provide would be great,i have been slowly trying to achieve my goal of having my trailer on the road I'm under no illusions its going to be tough and it would be devastating if i have to start again

Regards Brian.

May 23, 2012
Catering Trailer Weight
by: David

Hi Sue,

After having a look at a range of mobile catering trailers manufactures your van should be fine with a catering trailer that is a 10x7 in size, this comes in at around 1300kg or 1.3 tonne and you don’t want a catering trailer that is more than 1700kg which come to 1.7 tonnes.

Anything larger than a 10ft trailer may be a struggle to tow. Most trailer manufactures will have the size and weight listed on their website


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