How Much Could a Catering Van Potentially Earn?

by Chris

Hi There,

I have recently been offered an opportunity to setup a catering van on a site. The van would be the only food source (due to remote location) to around 300 people attending the event each day.

My question is how much would you estimate a van could potentially bring in and what would be the profit from this?

I know it’s probably tricky to answer this depending on prices and range of food on offer but a ball park figure would help me decide if it’s worth investing.

My goal would be in this very early stage of planning would be to get a steady flow of income from 1 van on this one location and then look into possible future locations/ extra vans


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Aug 11, 2011
How Much Can You Earn With Mobile Catering
by: David

Hi Chris,

Yes this is a tricky question; fortunately I've worked in my catering van on a site that was in a similar location and situation to yours. I had around 2-300 people swamp my catering van every day, as we were the only food source in the area.

My earnings were around £6-800 +per day. Profits were around the £4-£500 hundred pounds mark, after deducting for additional staff, food gas and running cost.

We sold the usual egg, bacon, sausage, breakfast roll, tea, coffee and sandwiches and our opening times were form 7am - 2.30pm.

We didn?t sell anything fancy just the usual types of food, it was very hectic though. So just make sure that you are well organized, have enough stock and have food ready in advanced.

Hope this helps


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