How I Lost My Job and Started Share Trading.

by Hari

Start share trading

Start share trading

Hi, my name is Hari , I am married with one child. This is my personal story and I hope you find it interesting and it helps you in some small way.

Previously I worked as a software engineer but due to global slowdown I lost the job. After losing my job I was really not interested in going back to work for someone else .So my plan was to work from home and try to earn an income.
My wife occasionally did some share trading which also interested me so I decided to try my hand at it, initially with a small investment. The first 2 months, I struggled a lot and made a loss. It was not as easy as I thought and also found it quite difficult to understand.

Nonetheless losing my job left a bitter taste in my mouth and I was determined to try harder and really make a go of it. After that initial loss I really started to take it more seriously by researching, reading whatever information that I could get my hands on including watching trade related TV programs and reading different books.

This really paid off for me because instead of losing money bit by bit I started making money. Now I am happy to say that I earn a decent income from share trading and work from home full time, and don’t have to worry about go out to look for work.

Share trading is interesting, but some people get addicted to the point where it becomes a form of gambling. Before starting share trading everyone should be very clear in understanding how the market works and never risk money that you can’t afford to lose.
You should plan what type of trading you want to get into e.g. by cash trading, margin trading, Buy today and Sell Tomorrow (BTST), Options and Futures.

I highly recommend that if you are interested in doing share trading; make sure you fully understand the rules and regulations. Having a computer and internet connection is really all you need to start trading.

Many websites are available to guide us. Some websites are charging a nominal amount to send the share related tips to our mobiles. They can suggest which shares can be purchased, how long to hold, and when can we sell. Those who are new to trading should access these types of websites and get ideas to start smoothly.

So the information is out there if you go looking for it, I would also recommend that you visit forums, read and research as much as you can before spending any money.

I just want to say that it is possible to make an income this way just don’t expect it to come overnight and without any hard work on you end.

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