How Hard is Trading in London?

by Michelle

*Really great site David, you're really a life saver for someone trying to set up in the business!*

(I apologise if this question has already been asked!)

I'm at the early stages of starting up and am aiming for the London street markets...Berwick, st. Katherine's Docks, Spitalfields, etc.

How hard is it to honestly obtain a pitch within these 'trendy' and busy markets? Is it all down to luck, £££, or what you have to offer? I'm not willing to leave London so as I'm starting up want to make sure I have a grasp of my options.

I am offering quite a unique/different product that I haven't seen in any markets yet so am hoping to inch my way in...

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May 10, 2012
Catering Pitch in London
by: David

Hi Michelle,

You will really need to contact the local Council in these areas to see if any street trading pitches, licences are available. I’m not going to lie; it’s going to be tuff since London is a prime location.

Also try local markets and speak with the managers of these markets to see if there are any spots available or coming up. You may find that there is a long waiting list, or you may get lucky.

As you know, renting any type of retail space in London won’t be cheap. Also try looking at existing businesses on market stalls that may want to sell up, and it may be worth looking through other local and national classified business ads papers/websites to see if anything is available.

You may also want to contact retails concessions ( to see if they have any pitches available in the London area.

Best of luck

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