Honda silent inverter generator or green gear

by Sara


I would ideally want a 2 -3 kw generator, but am struggling to know which to buy. The Honda EU20i Dual Fuel 2kw silent inverter suitcase generator (at about £1200) or the greengear LPG open framed 2 or 3kw. I want to use LPG rather than petrol and the greengear is recommended on the NCASS website, but has anyone any experience of them? Are they too loud? Would it be too heavy?

I am looking at running lights, a fridge, small oven and pie warmer and the LPG griddle and dual fuel coffee machine and LPG boiler.

The greengear is significantly cheaper so would go with this if it is just as good. I would not be trading daily, probably 2-3 times per week. Thanks!

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Jul 09, 2019
Greengear and Gas Pressure
by: Ian


When using LPG gas bottles on any products the gas pressure inside the bottle will decrease as the liquid becomes less.

As Greengear generators require a 2Bar minimum gas pressure to operate you will find that the gas pressure inside the bottle will decrease below the 2bar thresh hold at some point.

You will also find that gas hobs and cookers will also suffer from the same issue, as the gas is running out the flame doesn’t burn as hot and as fierce.

Having said all this you must remember the amount of savings to be had compared to petrol or diesel.

Jul 05, 2019
LPG generator
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the reply David.

I actually asked this question last year sometime so have now been using the LPG greengear for a while now (3kw). It’s a great bit of kit and cheap to buy and run as I use LPG anyway.

Downside is the weight (needs 2 of us) and also it doesn’t draw the last bits of the bottle which I then use for my other appliances but end up with lots of spares!

Also make sure your LPG engineer has the qualification to be able to certify it along with the trailer as it’s a different qualification apparently.

Thanks again

Jul 05, 2019
Greengear Generators LPG
by: David-


Honda is a good reputable brand however the dual fuel combination for mobile catering may not always be compatible with requirements of the pitch/landlord/local authority. This is because of the potential to cause ground contamination (due to the dual fuel components, LPG + petrol or diesel)

It would be a good idea to commit to an LPG only generator to avoid any disappointments With regards to weight, it can be carried by a singular person, but two people would be best. The Greengear range of LPG only generators does offer a clean source of power at an affordable price.

Watch the video below to help answer more questions and browse the range of Greengear LPG Generators herefor more info.

Best of luck and do let us know how you get on.


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