Help with Bain-marie For Mobile Catering Business

by dawn

Hi I have just brought a trailer and the Bain Marie looks as if it is electric, in the description it said it was electric but when we got there the woman said it was gas.

There is a pipe coming off it but it doesn't go anywhere.I looked at the trailer this morning in the daytime (because it was dark when I picked it up) and the Bain Marie is plugged into the wall.

My question is do you still have to put water in the Bain Marie base so to speak to keep the pots heated or can it be used dry?
Thanks for your time, this is a fantastic site.


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Feb 06, 2015
Which Type of Baine Marie
by: David-

Hi Ian,

If you read the answer below this will help you identify if the Baine Marie is electric or if it runs of LPG. Basically, if it comes with a plug it's a electric and if not it's LPG.


Feb 05, 2015
Dry or wet well bain marie?
by: Ian

Hi there don't laugh lol!!
I have acquired a bain marie but the problem is I don't know whether its a dry well or wet well one.

How do I tell the difference?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards, Ian.

Dec 09, 2010
Baine Marie For Mobile Catering
by: David

Hi Dawn,

If it has a plug that goes into the wall and is powered by electricity it's more than likely a dry heat Baine Marie, which means it may not need any water to keep the food warn. If on the other hand you can visually see a gas pipe connecting to the Baine Marie this could be a wet Baine Marie meaning it needs water to work.

It's a little difficult to say without a picture of taking a closer look. To make sure just speak to the person you brought it from as they will know for sure.

Best of luck

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