Help Gas or Electric For Mobile Catering

(Norfolk )

I my god, my brain is frazzled, I’m sorry this question is pretty much been asked a million times, but I just need more help. I have just purchased a tiny house on a trailer.

The plan is to turn it into a tea room, i have been given a pitch by my local council, but have been told I must have a silent generator! Or it’s a no go. However the previous person had a gas generator and that was fine. So I will have a coffee machine, microwave, water heater for hand washing and hot water urn, and possibly a George Forman, and LED lights.

So I have looked into all the equipment and now looking at a generator to power them all, but then reading posts on here! I have no idea, do I need a gas coffee machine (didn’t know there was such a thing) so someone please help.

What is best, what exactly do I need, or what is the cheaper option. I’m so confused

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Jun 08, 2021
Batteries plus inverter and LPG setup
by: David

You could also look into deep cycle batteries and onboard 2.5kw inverter (not generator). We run a Fracino Contempo Dual Fuel espresso machine, on-demand grinder and associated water pump and filter and lighting in our Land Rover from such a set up. It is 100% silent. We also have LPG bottle (25l) connected to the Espresso machine. Combo of the two allows us to fire up to pressure in 20 minutes and also to maintain pressure as we drive from site to site (battery only....don't drive with LPG going). Clean and silent set up that allows us to operate 6 to 7 hours without issues, ie batteries falling below 50%. We recharge with either mains connection when home, or while driving, with 120amp battery to battery charger from alternator.

Did we do this ourselves? No way, it is a specialist job, but in the longer term a cheaper and better alternative to a gennie, esp if you need to run off the grid and 'silent', which we do.

May 20, 2020
LPG Equipment
by: David-

Hello there,

Fracino have a dual fuel range of coffee machines that work off LPG gas and electric so that not a problem.

As for the other appliances you’ve listed, as long as you find an LPG generator large enough to power those appliances it will be fine.

The only thing that stands out for, it the point where it says it must be silent. Not sure what they mean by silent. If they mean complete silence then look for a bespoke LPG Generator most. Most large 3-7kw generators run at between 56db - db78. You can get other models that run super quiet and these are around the 50-60db mark. However,that still not silent.

You should start by calculating the wattage of all appliances and when you have a total, look for a generator to match the power rating.

Start by using the generator size chart here to help get started.

The only other option is to restrict all equipment to LPG (no electric) and create a menu in line with the equipment.

Best of luck,

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