Have Mobile Catering Business, Stall and Stock. But How Do I Get a Pitch and What Else Do I Need?

by david

Hi all I have just been given a burger stall with grill, fryer, tea urn etc. I also have about £200 pounds worth of stock. I am doing my food and health cert online but I’m being told that I need insurance for selling food or drink what insurance??

And I’m being told I can’t just sit in a car park and start selling so how do I get a pitch I’ve rang up a few game fairs but there asking up to £1000!

Can anyone help with explaining it to me????? (I’m 21 and the stall was off my ante who left me it in her will) thanks all =)

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May 07, 2010
Public Liability Insurance For Your Protection
by: David

Hi David,

You don?t need insurance to sell food and drink, but they might be referring to Public Liability insurance. Which is to protect you and your business from being sued by a member of the public?

Finding a pitch is a little more difficult to find and you should make a note of all possibilities in your area: car boots, fairs, festivals etc. From here you would need to contact someone and see if they have a spot for you to provide your food service.

Finally David I have created a quick start guide which outlines all the steps that you need to take to start your catering business, I am always amending and updating it, you can get a copy here.

Best of Luck to You!
Please keep us updated


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